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--------        -Security Declaration



PAN promises to respect your privacy.We admit your need of controlling your share the identification information with Pan's correctly.The identificatin refers to any information about your names.We use your names so that we can know your needs better and we can serve you better. The following five points are our security policies for your information:



PAN supply the on line security declaraton so that you can know about our security policies when you choose to share the identification information with us. We would adopt the reasonable steps to make sure it goes well in our company.


PAN will never sell your idemtification information to others. To meet your needs in business,Pan's will probably share your information with other Pan's branch or parteners in other countries. Pan's assure you to let you choose if your information can be used for other purposes,for example, direct selling. 


Visiting and Accuracy:

PAN tries to make your identification information accurate.We are working hard now so that you can examine easily your information which has been stored in PAN.And you can replace or correct your informatin if necessary.



PAN promises the safety and accuracy about your information.The credit card numbers are only used for cashing not for other purposes.



If you have any suggestions or questions about our security policies,please send your e-mails to:









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