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Traditonal Chinese kites

 Bamboo and silk mainly used as materials,the traditional Chinese kites were purely made and painted with hand Inheriting Chinese Clip to enter Traditional Chinese Kites Store traditional crafts of kites, made by folk artisans from all over China, our traditional kites varied from Dragon Kites as long as hundreds of meters to mini kites as small as a few centimeters, and old-aged Whistle Kites as well. Under the supervision of Mr. Pan Bohua, each kite was made with fine-selected material and excellent handicrafts. Each of them has been adjusted by kite experts, so they can fly high and steadily. Besides this, they're worth while appreciation and collections.

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Modern kites

 Mr. Pan Bohua, founder of PAN kites making factory, the earliest designed Double-line Controled Kites and Four-line Controled Kites on the Clip to enter Modern Kite Products Store mainland, organized and produced the earliest Double-line Controled Kites on the Mainland , and founded the earliest Double-line Controled Kites performance team. PAN'S sport kites are made with Mr. PAN Bohua the head.

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Advertisement and Gift kites

   Pan's kites are widely used for advertisement. We can print various pictures, signs and words supplied by you on the advertisement and gift kites. Such kites are usually designed Clip to enter Advertisement Logo Kite Store according to our customers' requirements. As presents, they are usually small and have a low price, but we are sure they can be flown easily though. They 're good enough to be used as free gifts for your clients.
  Pan's Workshop is the largest manufacturer of advertising logo kites. Our clients come from all over the world. For example: McDonald's, Coca cola Company, Dieppe Government in France, the International Amnesty Organization , renown enterprises and organizations etc..
  We can produce 300,000 gift kites each month, and offer the lowest price in the world, and we're sure to meet your demands completely.
We can also make huge advertisement kites, which are flown over squares. At special places, they can produce a heart-shaking advertising effect. Contact with us right away. With the largest production scale in China and the lowest price in the world, we're sure to make you have unthinkable gains.?

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Kites Used for Education

    Educational kites are specially used as products for children's education. It is the invention of PAN kites making factory. Our educational kites have got its own patent right. Chinese kites are good tools for children's education. Mr. Pan Bohua, founder of the PAN kites making factory, is the initiator for using Chinese Clip to enter Products on education kites in education. The product consists of blueprint, bamboo strips and kite paper, etc. Tied by children themselves according to the design, sticked by themselves, drawn and flown by themselves ,the children can learn the Chinese culture and practise their abilities of using hands and brains. It also can be classified into one of the competition items of school sports meeting . It's a kind of products specially made for children. They are quite helpful to children's body and mind health. If you work for a school or a beneficent organization, for the children, contact with us right away! We're experienced on co-operating with educational institutions. We'll offer you good suggestions.

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Kites Accessories

   All accessories for Chinese kites are available here. Our kites folk artisans spread all over China. Some of the products are Pan's particular.                                                                                   Detailed Information




Relative products

Clip to enter  These relative products are quite helpful for you to enjoy the kites. Many of them are particular. For example ,the paper is purely made by hand. We adopt the original arts and crafts. It's probably the only kind in the world.


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