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A glance of different countries' kite festivals

American International Kite Festival
●In America ,kite festival is called Kite -Day. The National Kite Association and the State Kite Association hold kite Festivals, annually in turn. Time is set flexibly, generally, according to the local season.
●Invitations for Kite Day are sent out to countries of the world. Delegations from several or a dozen of countries and areas take part in it.
●Fans for kites in America are in great numbers. The annual distribution of kites is over 150 million. Millions of thousands of people attend the Kite Day.
●State-held Kite Days are usually accompanied by all kinds of celebrations.
●New York, Boston, Washington, Seattle are cities being more active in the whole United States.
●Seattle, where the American Aeronautics Museum is located, is noted for kites. Kites from various countries and the earliest plane model are displayed here, which appeals numerous tourists.
 Japanese International Kite Festival
●Both the Japan Kite Association and the local physical culture department direct International Kite Festival in Japan, which started in 1969.Most of the members are professional in kite flying.
●annual Tokyo New Spring Kite Festival is the most influential and famous, which joyfully celebrated around the area of Huangchunhutian Bridge at the appointed time.
●Japan kites are provided with strong ethical traits in terms of sculptures and colors, which vary as many as over 300 kinds approximately. The smallest is as long as a couple of centimeters while the biggest, 19 meters in length, 14 meters in width, only can be flown up with the help of 201 people.
French International Kite Festival
●In 1978,Dena City ,located in the west of France, organized the fist international kite festival.
●Being a tourism opening city, located on the east coast of Atlantic, Dena City's three sides face the sea, with a cool weather. She appeals to many overseas and domestic tourists to spend their holidays, especially in July and August. Holding kite festival is one of the activities regarded as amusing the tourists. July 14th is the National Day of France. Around that time the kite festival is held. The climax of flying kites usually appears on that day.
●At present, there are four cities which take turns to hold the international kite festival. The one held in Dieppe is the most influential among them all.?

Kite Festival in Holland

International Kite Festival in Germany

International Kite Festival in Singapore
●International Kite Festival in Singapore is annually held. The first session was in 1982. In 1986, the National Kite Association was established.?

The International Kite Festival in Thailand
●Combining with the international tourism department, the National Kite Association holds the Singapore International Kite Festival once every two years, inviting delegations of countries. It shows the performance of the folk programs, and lasts about 10 days.

International Kite Festival in Italy
●Held by National Kite Association, Italian International Kite festival is on June 2nd,which is also National ay of Italy. And it is held every other year.
●The pictures of Italian kites generally compose on such beautiful birds and insects and can be painted realistically. Beautification of colors emphasizes on holistic disposition of broadening colored-area. For instance, a flying whale kite which patterns by two white eyes on a piece of black cloth catches people's eyes greatly; a bird kite sewn up by putting scarlet, orange, yellow and black cloth together can only be recognized as it is unless being flown off. Due to the innovations on patterns, more and more kite fans favor the Italian kites. Year by year, the number of people and countries participating in the Italy International Kite Festival increases by degree.

 International Kite Festival in Switzerland
●Starting in 1985, holding on Zurich lake, Switzerland International Kite Festival draws thousands upon thousands tourists.
●Each year, during the Switzerland International Kite Festival, proseminar on kite flying theory and technique is held as well. Businessmen come on time, selling out all sorts of kites, accompanying with performance of the small band and the actors of their own, which brings more pleasure to the festival.
 International Kite Festival in China 



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