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---------        Clauses and Law Restrictions for using PAN Web


                    Attention: Before using please read the following clauses. Your using of the Web means your 

                                       acceptance to these clauses.Or please do not use the Web.



----------------The uses of the Web: Only under your assurance of keeping the copyright and other rights of all the 

                      oiriginal documents in your copies,can Pan's authorize you to read and take down the contents in Pan's 

                      Web(The following called "Web") .But it's only for your personal use but not for commercial purposes. 
                      You can not amend or copy or show them publicly or publish or distribute these material in any ways, 

                      nor can you use them for any public or commercial purposes by any means.Any purpose of using the 

                      material for other Webs or connected computers is forbidden by Pan's. All the contents in this Web is 

                      copyrighted and protected.Any use without authorization may break the Laws of Copyright, Trademarks

                      or other laws.If you have broken any of these clauses,your authorization of using the Web will be 

                      stopped automatically. Meanwhile you have to destroy all the material that have been taken or typed 




----------------Talking room for users:  PAN may supervise or examine any of the information which has been

                     sent out or mailed on this Web by users or any of the sphere of intercourses(But not 

                      undertake any responsibilities in law.)The supervision or examinaion not ony include

                      the contents in talking room,bulletin board signs(BBS),users'forum or any kind of intercourses.

                       PAN do not undertake any of the responsibilities about any of these kinds of intercourses,no 

                       matter whether they can cause any problems of slanders,privacy,obscene or any other problems 

                       against the Copyright Laws.


----------------Linking up other Webs:  Link up the Third Web from us can only be regarded as a convenient 

                     service to you .Pan's has never examined all the Third Webs,and nor do we supervise these 

                     Webs or their contents,and nor do we undrtake any responsibilities.So,Pan's do not accept or

                     make any statements about any of the information,softwares or other material or products or any

                     results got from the third Webs.If you are decided to linkup the third Web,you have bear all the tasks.



----------------Suitable laws: This Website is under the supervision of the office of PAN, which is

                    in Weifang,Shandong Province,China. PAN do not make any statements about if the material

                    fits for the regions outside China.You can not break the suitable laws or regulations(not

                    only the ones for China' export).We do not have to undertake any responsibilities caused

                    by your copying our material to your countries.If you link up us from the regions out of 

                     China,you can do it as you like on the condition that you do not break your laws.All the 

                     clauses are administrated by PAN and explained according to the laws in China.



----------------General rules: PAN may amend these clauses at any time.It's best to often visit this page for your 

                     knowing about them.Some of these clauses may be replaced by some law notices or clauses on

                     some of our pages.

----------------Revised in September,2000


----------------Note: All those who would like to link up PAN have to obey

                   "the Guidelines for Linking to PAN  Web"and all the suitable laws.









Copyright and all right are reserved.

Republication of any text or images with written consent only.






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